Slippers... Say What?

Do you hate when the kids come in from recess and their shoes are so muddy?  If you are like me, your classroom is your second home.  At my house, we do not wear our shoes inside.  The main reason is, I think it is gross! I also have 7 children, and a toddler that still hangs out on the floor. 

Last year I really transformed my classroom into a home.  I added real furniture pictures and tried to make it welcoming to the students.  By October my room was filthy and my rug was disgusting.  

I saw a post by Starr Spangled Planner and decided that I was going to go for it next year.  I added slippers to my supply list.  I'm hoping for the following 3 things...

1. it creates a comfortable learning atmosphere
2. it cuts down on the mess
3. it teaches my first graders to tie their shoes

Oh and most importantly.... I WILL GET TO WEAR MY SLIPPERS!!!  

I will keep you posted this year on how it goes...

I'm super excited and nervous about this new adventure in our classroom!

Slippers... Say What? - First Grade Roars!
My Slipper Sign
Thanks to the Starr Spangled Planner (for the idea), the adorable image from Classroom Clicks, and the fonts from KG fonts.


Christmas in July

If you are anything like me you are enjoying every bit of the summer but constantly have school on your back burner.  It doesn't help when everywhere you go you see amazing things for your classroom!  Is anyone else obsessed with school supplies and creating and renovating your classroom instruction!  Here are some of my summer highlights so far!

Christmas in July - First Grade Roars!
Little Miss Charlie has continued to amaze us!  She has opened my eyes in so many ways. I think my favorite thing to hear when I go anywhere with her is... Your child is beautiful.  I know that sounds superficial but I don't care!! I had fully expected people to stare at her and see her disability first but when they see her beauty, it melts my heart. She is so strong willed and determined that I know it will take her far.  We had to move out of the crib and into her big girl bed because she was getting out! (STRONG WILLED). She loves music, ice cream and corn on the cob!!
My house is a MESS!  We took out all of the tile and carpet on the main floor and are currently installing hard wood.  #DUSTEVERYWHERE
I have been fortunate enough to have 2, yes 2, dates with my hubby.  If I don't schedule them, we never talk!  Make time for the ones you love.  We are fortunate enough to have a pool so once in a blue moon, I get to relax!  I also joined a tennis league.  I LOVE it!  It is the first time in awhile that I did something for myself and it is so refreshing.  P.S.My team is undefeated! #weareonly2.5's 

Yes I have 6 other children but they are way too cool to be featured or pictured! #teenagers

This month I Teach K-2 is working together to give you some fun July treats.  We are all posting/highlighting a freebie as well as giving away some amazing gift cards.  Be sure to check them out!!!

I am giving away my Monthly Binder Freebie!  This will help you get your lesson plan book ready to go for the upcoming year!
 Binder Freebie

Did I mention my store will be throwing a sale from July 6-9th!  Many participants will be doing the same!  Grab your back to school goodies and get them prepped before August.

Here are some of my favorite Back to School items.

I hope you are having a wonderful summer and you enjoy all the freebies from I Teach K-2!

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