Bubble Day!

Bubble Day! - First Grade Roars!
Today was nothing short of fun for my first graders.  Not only did we have our end of the year picnic/party at lunch time but it was also Bubble Day!!!  

We began our day by looking at some fun Reading A-Z Bubble books.  They are really funny to share with the children and they are projectable to the SMART board.  This leads up to writing our own bubble stories.  

Check out a few of our examples...

I thought they turned out so cute.

After we wrote our own bubble stories, I read "The Bubble Factory" by Tomie DePoala.  It is such a cute story about two twins who invent wish bubbles.  We worked hard to make up our own 5 wishes. Then we made up our own bubble solution.  

After that it was time for our party.  We even had bubbles at our party.

As you can tell they were not having ANY fun!!!

After our picnic we began an Informative writing called, "How to Blow a Bubble".  We went through the process of blowing a bubble with gum.  The children LOVED this part.  We did our prewriting and then worked on our writing.  Once we finished we made our little people blowing bubbles.  They turned out great.

Next was our bubble gum blowing contest.  They had a blast...lots of laughing.

Check out my niece... She won for the largest bubble...
(super fun getting to teach your own niece!)

Last but not least is was bubble experimenting time.  Outside we went.  My amazing parents donated bubbles so each child was able to have their own.  

We had a lot of fun... 
If you would like to do a bubble day, check this resource out!


The Three Little Pigs Product Update!

I just love reading all of the versions of the three little pigs.  My product for this unit has been one of my best sellers but it was time for an update!  I'm super excited to use this in the Fall.
The Three Little Pigs Product Update! - First Grade Roars!

Since I have been so crafty lately I decided to make some new pigs and a wolf.  Of course they are inspired by the famous Melonheadz illustrator.  Charlie helped with the cutting and gluing.  The second time using those big girl scissors.

I couldn't decide on colors so we had to make all three pigs!

I also added two different versions of the story, one easy and one more challenging for first grade!

This is the easier version.
A sample of the harder version.

The product is now more than double in size so if you own it, make sure to re-download!!


Themed Days: End of the Year Activities that will Engage and Motivate

The end of the year is always hard to keep your students engaged and motivated. In my room I try to make the last week fun and memorable. Each day we do different end of the year activities that are theme based. Each day my students are excited to see what we will be doing next.  Here is a peek at a little bit of each day!

End of the Year Activities: Bubble Day!  
On this day we do a little with bubble gum and with blowing bubbles.  We start off with a bubble gum blowing contest and survey.

Themed Days: End of the Year Activities that will Engage and Motivate

After we do that, we read "The Bubble Factory" by DePoala.  We complete a few activities from this story and then move onto writing.

If you have a membership to Reading A-Z, they have really fun Speech Bubble stories.  I read some of them to the children and then we use my mini books to create our own speech bubble stories.

Next we design our bubble potion like the characters in the story did.  We play a few math games and then head outside.  This is where some of the real fun begins.

I ask for donations from parents and we get our own containers of bubbles.  We do a little experiment with the bubbles and then we just have fun with them.

When we are done, we come inside and write how to blow a bubble.  I use pink pom poms for the bubble on the children's face!

End of the Year Activities: Circus Day!

First graders love to clown around!  We dress in our silliest mismatched clothes for this fun day!  We learn all about the circus from a mini book that I wrote.  

We do similes, word work, and learn some fun elephant commands.

We also review our shapes with this fun clown picture. We tally, graph and answer questions.

During writing we create an opinion piece.  We decide if we would want to travel with the circus.

Hobby Lobby has cute clown noses that I have bought and of course, the circus candy peanuts.  We end the day by making our own unique clown faces!  

We also read this cute story for our read aloud.  The kids love Caps for Sale and this is a fun little sequel. 

End of the Year Activities: Popcorn Day!

Do you have a long day where you have no breaks?  Popcorn Day is the perfect themed day for you!

 We learn about how popcorn is grown, make our own popcorn invention, and do a popcorn experiment. 

We also do a taste testing activity with different popcorn flavors.

and then end the day with popcorn and a movie!!!

End of the Year Activities: Beach Day

On this day we bring our beach towels to school.  We head outside and spend part of the day reading in the sun!!!  We build pretend sand castles and write about them.  I give each child a book mark that says, "1st grade was a Ball"!  The day is spent reading, writing, and doing word work review on our beach towels with our friends.

End of the Year Activities: Ice Cream Day

Yummy!  This day is fun and delicious!
 With the help from donations and parent volunteers, we have an ice cream social with all kinds of goodies.  We learn how to make ice cream, invent our own flavor of ice cream and read lots of fun books. 
Check out this cute little ice cream gift from a parent!  

 The craft for the day is a review craft. We make ice cream cones that are REALLY tall.  On each scoop we write one thing we loved about the year! 

 The kids go a little crazy and add as many scoops as they can!  

End of the Year Activities: Camp Day!

Last year this was a new one and I am SOOOO excited to do this again this year.   I put the chairs and tables up and we do everything around a campfire!  First up, the children work in groups to create their own campfires to sit around.  

Check out the cute fire above!  Then we read lots of stories, write and do fun activities.   This day wouldn't be complete without some s'mores and a s'more craft!  

They have a blast and it is so memorable!! It is the perfect way to end the year.

If this looks like fun, I have bundled all these goodies together! If you purchase the bundle, you get one day for free!

Here's wishing us all a safe, fun and memorable end of the year!!!

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