Team-Up Tuesday: Owl Pellets

Team-Up Tuesday: Owl Pellets - First Grade Roars!

Time for some "team work" or collaboration!  On Tuesdays I will focus on how my team or my students "team-up" to make learning better for everyone.  

First up is my first grade team.  We are  4 very different people who are all extremely busy with our personal lives but have managed to plan weekly for the year.  This is a first for me and it has been AMAZING.  Two of my teammates are new to first but not new to teaching.  They are able to bring some amazing ideas down to the first grade level as well.  Whenever you work together great things can happen.

So for years we have been doing an owl unit in first grade.  We love non-fiction and our little brains are like sponges just absorbing everything we are taught.  Here are a few things that we did in our class.

We invited our third grade buddies to come and complete a  non-fiction text features hunt on owls.  We love our third grade buddies and it is always fun to do a cooperative learning activity with them.  We do this every Wednesday!

We used the mini book to find all of the non-fiction text features in our packet!

We also finished up Chapter 5 which was all about shapes.  So I made a shape owl to add to my packet.  Each part of the owl was a different shape.  Once we made our owls, we had to record the shapes.  Great writing practice and shape review.

We also complete this directed drawing of an owl moon.  I LOVE this project and it has been in my file for years.  The kids all panic at first but I remind them that they are supposed to all look different. I think they are beautiful!   

Here is the link to the craft.  We didn't do the reflections, we just drew the owl.

A few of my favorites up close!!

So what was different this year!  Because my team worked together and planned, we were able to dissect owl pellets.  As gross as it was, the kids LOVED it!  One of my teammates did this project in 3rd grade and since we still taught owls, it is now a 1st grade activity.  We called a local place, Nature's Nursery to purchase the pellets.  Each child had to send in a dollar.  Here are a few pictures from our dissection.  The activity I prepared is also in the Owl packet. 

This is what we found in our pellets.  We had two animal skulls.

So we "Teamed-Up" and had a great week learning all about owls.  

All activities were found in this packet!


Thanksgiving Day Plays-Monday Funday!

Mondays are always so long so I am going to try to make you laugh or enjoy the day in some way!  So today I will share with you a picture of my student teacher and I prepping our costumes for our upcoming play!  We had fun, as we do everyday, creating them!  I love that we can laugh together everyday especially because we are usually laughing at ourselves.

Thanksgiving Day Plays-Monday Funday! - First Grade Roars!

Prettiest Pilgrim Girl in Town!

He is such a good sport!  

Anyways we are working on a new play-reader's theater program I created and my students are LOVING it.  There are three different groups, Native Americans, Pilgrims, and Turkeys.  It is a multi-level program so all of my readers can participate!  Of course I LOVE to sing so there are many songs and chants in between the speaking parts.  
Today the music teacher heard about it and she is now going to help with all of the songs!  We are so thrilled to have the help.  I think my team is now all going to do it too which makes it even more fun!

Hope you had a happy Monday-Funday!

If you are interested in putting on a performance for your parents, check it out!  I would be happy to help you in anyway I can!


Master Math

Master Math - First Grade Roars!
Hello Everyone!
It's Megan from First Grade Roars.  Today I want to share with you how I implement math in my classroom!  Three years ago our district adopted a new math program.  It has many wonderful components but it was missing some key factors I felt my students needed.  I began to play around with the program and decided I liked teaching it best with small group & rotations.  Three years later, I have even named my new math and we are going strong!  So today I will share our math: MASTER MATH!

Each letter stands for 1 important piece of our math rotation.  
First up.. 

I love to use any manipulatives that pertain to what we are learning but sometimes just moving and matching laminated game cards is what we manipulate!  I am a huge fan of Kristen Smith's Math Bins for this station!  She makes wonderful cards to match and manipulate.

 A: Apply Skills

Who doesn't love games!  We apply what we have learned and play games.  This is a great time for children to interact, learn, and work on sharing winning and losing!  To get you started I have included a few free games!  Make sure to download these freebies!

S: Small Group

During this time we use the curriculum given to us to teach.  Teaching in small group is so effective and you get daily feedback on each child to see how they are doing.  I group my students with mixed levels separating out the lower children into different groups.  That allows me to provide more support to each student in every session.

(This is my student teacher teaching small group)

T: Technology

Technology is a win-win situation.  Children are engaged and they are learning!!  We use our desktop computers to play old games from Everyday Math! They are amazing games!!!

We have 5 iPads that we use daily with many fun Math Apps.

Chrome books are our new thing!  We do X-tra Math and Splash math on these each day!

E: Enrichment

This station is OPEN and NOT one of the 5 rotations.  It is used as a go to if children finish early.  I love The Moffatt Girls and I buy all of her 2nd grade materials for my 1st graders!  This is definitely a favorite!

R: Review

Since our program is not a spiral program we do a lot of review!  This is also a favorite of my students as they love to build their confidence in math and practice old skills! One more plug for someone else,  I love the product I bought from Missing Tooth Grins.  I use this for my review center!

That is MASTER MATH.... This is how it works!

5-10 minute sessions

SMART Board Example of Rotations...

I made these signs and put them in Playdough Containers.  They are set out for the children to see at each table!

 This is my cart and how I organize my materials.  

I make a binder for each chapter in our math series.  I include a lesson plan for each day and the papers I used for each day.  It keeps me organized and I love how easy it is to prep each year!

One last tip!  I have a tray for the work that is being used and a RED tray to put finished work in at each station.  Red means Finished or STOP.  This has been a great housekeeping detail and saved a lot of time sorting through papers and collecting papers.

Check out what my students think of MASTER MATH!

I hope you can take away something from our math!  We just love it!!!

 at my store


Weekly Winner Wednesday: Owls

Weekly Winner Wednesday: Owls - First Grade Roars!

How would you like to win a free packet?  I will be starting a new daily themed blog post beginning today.  Every Wednesday you will have the opportunity to win what we will be doing in our classroom that week.  Just submit through Rafflecopter and the winner will be drawn on Friday!

This week we will be working in my Owl Packet.  It has recently been updated and I am very pleased with the final product.  We had conferences on Monday and Tuesday so I'm looking forward to starting our week tomorrow.  Stay tuned for pictures from our week on Sunday's blog.  Here are a few previews of the Owl Packet you can enter to win!

Today we will be dissecting owl pellets with our first graders and I can't wait to see their excitement! We are going to have a wonderful time!

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