Day 1... Dr. Seuss 5 Day Freebie: Thing 1 & 2

Today we celebrated Dr. Seuss' birthday!  We made crazy hats, wore read and had our Student Number tags on.  Each student in my class has a number so this worked out perfectly!

GIVEWAY-DAY 1 Student Bands and Craft!

Get your freebie here for the student bracelets they are wearing.

Read to Self phones, books and of course our favorite Seuss characters!

Seuss word work centers!  We had fun doing something a little different in the morning instead of morning work!

Work from my Right to Read Packet!  We love working in groups!! 

We made mini Student 1-26.  Here is my sample!!
Grab this freebie below!

My student teacher on the on the right!

Seuss cake and cupcakes!


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