Thanksgiving Freebie.... Bear

Enjoy this reading and writing freebie to Karma Wilson's newest story, "Bear Says Thanks".  My children just love her stories so I had to make something to go with this new one.  If you enjoy this I have a complete author study for her other stories.  Check out the links below.
Bear Says Thanks Freebie!


Turkey Time!

Last week we were working on some of the activities from my Thanksgiving Pack.  We read Jim Arnosky's "All About Turkeys" and completed the aniticipation guide.  Always one of their favorites!!
Then we worked on creating a web using our web to write an informative piece.  I love how the children check off their items on their web as they write.  They have shown great growth in writing already this year since I have begun using a pre-writing excercise with each writing prompt.  This came from my November writing packet.  We used it a lot this month.

Turkey Time! - First Grade Roars!
We made our turkey crafts today.  Instead of using the coffee filters, I let the children cut out different colored feathers.  They turned out adorable.  I love how they are all different!

I love how he glued his body!

Can you find my Michigan fan?  I love all the feathers.


Mitchell Wall of Fame

My "Wall of Fame" board is up and running.  Every Friday we spend about 30 minutes sharing what we worked on at home.  I had four children participate this week.  Two did Be a Teacher, one did a power point, and another did  Website hunt.   The "Be a Teacher" seems to be a big hit with the children.  They read a book that they have practiced at home and then ask 3 questions about the book.  I was so proud of my student today who shared his power point.  It was about Thanksgiving.  He did a great job and the children loved watching it.  Here are a few pictures!!

Mitchell Wall of Fame - First Grade Roars!
Sharing his Power Point.

Reading to the Class!

Sharing her website!

Her "Wall of Fame" Bingo Board and her Website Hunt!

This child earned his "Postage Stamp" ribbon under his name for coloring in four in a corner.

"Be a Teacher"

My "Wall of Fame" board

Up under the giraffe's nose you can see a picture.  This is from a student who finished her entire board last year.  She will be on my "Wall of Fame" board forever!!! So proud of her.  As a special surprise she earned a trophy at the end of the year.  Luckily, my father in law makes them so it was an easy treat to give.

Here is a link to my product that has all of the activities and the directions for implementing this into your classroom.

Bears, Bears, and More Bears!

We have been busy learning about Hibernation, Migration, and Bears!  Last week my students we able to bring in their bears.  We put them in our reading area and during "Read to Self"  and "Read to Someone" we read to our bears.  The children really seemed to enjoy having them and they were not a distraction at all. 
I created a new packet for this week, "All About Bears".  I have been really trying to teach my students the components of non-fiction text and they love learning about animals.  We learned all about bears and created an Informational text writing as well.  They loved learning about bears.
Bears, Bears, and More Bears! - First Grade Roars!

I updated my Hibernation packet from last year and added another mini book to talk about both hibernation and migration together.

Finally we included a daily fiction story written by Karma Wilson.  We just love her Bear stories!  I can't wait to read her newest one next week!

Reading to our Bears

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