Shhhh! Time to Sleep Hibernation Week

This week we will be learning about Hibernation and Migration. We all brought our bears in for the week and they are hibernating in a cave in the reading center.  We are allowed to read to them during "Read to Self".  We  also made cute little bears yesterday.  They are a tear project which can be frustrating for the kids but they did really well with it and I think they are "one of a kind"  Enjoy the pictures below.
Shhhh! Time to Sleep Hibernation Week - First Grade Roars!


  1. Love your bears! I am new to blogging and I'm trying to organize a Winter Wonderland Exchange project with classes throughout the country. I am hoping you will consider joining the fun. Please hop over to for more info. Thanks, Maria

  2. I found you on! I love the little bear art project. So cute! I will have to do this! Thanks for the idea! Melissa DePriest @