We spent the last two days focusing on Owls.  We read two books and the children read one mini book I created.   We made two different kinds of owls, complete and Owl chart and focused on fact vs. opinion  The children really enjoy the non-fiction units.  I even had some student do the Owl Research page for our Mitchell Wall of Fame!
Owls! - First Grade Roars!
This Owl is on my door.  It is right next to the writing center.  The kids sometimes refer to it in writing.  I love the teamwork that these charts use.  I split my class into three groups and they have to work together to come up with ideas as well as make sure they don't use the same idea twice!

This is the first time we made the colorful owl.  We used our scrap bucket and they turned out adorable!

Two of my favorite Owl books!

Owl Goodies


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