Grandparent's Day

Grandparent's Day - First Grade Roars!

We were busy getting ready for Grandparent's Day today.   We completed an have, can and are chart.  We also made our grandparents.  We look forward to lunch with them on Monday!

Here are some of my favorites..
Grandparents are... humens (humans)   seris (serious)   good thinkers   pidey (pretty)  speshl (special)
Grandparents have... fanse stuf (fancy stuf)  stashshoos (statues)  frajil stuf (fragile stuff)  drb fedr (bird feeders)
Grandparents   et wotermali (eat watermelon)   play wii   sow(sew)  hold me   be awesome

Gotta love first grade writing.

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