If you Take a Mouse to School!

If you Take a Mouse to School! - First Grade Roars!

This activity was fun.  I was able to see what the children remembered from the story and look at their writing.  I let them work together in partnerships around the room.   They had fun working together.

Froggy Goes to School

Froggy Goes to School - First Grade Roars!

We had fun listening to "Froggy Goes to School".  The children think it is so funny that he goes to school in his underwear.  We tried a new craft this year.  I think he turned out pretty cute!

The Kissing Hand

The Kissing Hand - First Grade Roars!

We had a great time with the Kissing Hand.  This was the first year we made Chester.  He turned out pretty cute.  I hope all my parents enjoyed their kissing hands from their kiddos!

Wild About First Grade!

Wild About First Grade! - First Grade Roars!

I have been back to school for 5 days now and I'm still getting adjusted.  I am so excited about how my classroom turned out this year.  I used the jungle theme again since I had already invested so much money into it.  I think I will keep it and just keep adding to it each year!  My class is great and I'm looking forward to getting back into the routine of working:)
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