Elf on a Shelf-Day 1

Our kindness and caring elf has arrived and the children are having a lot of fun with him.  We voted and his name is Jingles.  I couldn't have thought of a cuter name myself.  Check out our activities each day.
Elf on a Shelf-Day 1 - First Grade Roars!
Today we got our elf journals.  Then we learned a new song to sing to our Music teacher.  We practiced throughout the day.  We signed a thank you card for her. 

Surprise!  When we went to music we sang our song to our teacher.  She was so surprised and she loved it!  It made us all feel good to do something for someone else!

Here are our elves.  They turned out cute!  We hung them in the hallway introducing our classroom elf!

Elf with a Twist Activities!


Shhhh! Time to Sleep Hibernation Week

This week we will be learning about Hibernation and Migration. We all brought our bears in for the week and they are hibernating in a cave in the reading center.  We are allowed to read to them during "Read to Self".  We  also made cute little bears yesterday.  They are a tear project which can be frustrating for the kids but they did really well with it and I think they are "one of a kind"  Enjoy the pictures below.
Shhhh! Time to Sleep Hibernation Week - First Grade Roars!


Election Day Results!

I know this is really late but I still wanted to post our election day results.  Oscar the dog won by a landslide.  My children had so much fun with this unit.  They were sad to see the whole display go.  I think they enjoyed the voting daily more than anything else!
Election Day Results! - First Grade Roars!



We spent the last two days focusing on Owls.  We read two books and the children read one mini book I created.   We made two different kinds of owls, complete and Owl chart and focused on fact vs. opinion  The children really enjoy the non-fiction units.  I even had some student do the Owl Research page for our Mitchell Wall of Fame!
Owls! - First Grade Roars!
This Owl is on my door.  It is right next to the writing center.  The kids sometimes refer to it in writing.  I love the teamwork that these charts use.  I split my class into three groups and they have to work together to come up with ideas as well as make sure they don't use the same idea twice!

This is the first time we made the colorful owl.  We used our scrap bucket and they turned out adorable!

Two of my favorite Owl books!

Owl Goodies


Monster Day!

This year I wanted to spend an entire week doing monster activities and it just didn't happen with everything else that goes on in October.  Instead I decided to have a Monster Day!  We read many stories, made two different monsters, ate monster cupcakes and then did  monster word work rotations.  We had so much fun!
Monster Day! - First Grade Roars!
These are the books we read.  They especially loved There was an Old Monster by the Emberley family.  This book has a digital link where the students can listen to the author sing it.  We had to sing it twice!

My triplets decorated these for my class but I think next year it would be fun to let my students.

This went along with "Go Away Big Green Monster"!  The children loved creating their own.  They all turned out so differently!

This is the start of our symmetrical monsters.  They chose their paint color, put blobs of paint on it, folded it, let it dry, and then decorated it!

Here are some of our finished goodies!!!

Check out my goodies at my TPT store to go along with this fun day!


November Goodies!

This week we had a teacher work day!  Who doesn't love to have a day to sort through your classroom, do your grade cards and plan for upcoming units.  I was so excited to plan for November. I have re-done my three major units for this month and they turned out cute.  I'm looking forward to teaching them to my firsties! 

November Goodies! - First Grade Roars!
We will start with my Native American Unit!  We do a very fun graph on three different tribes.  Make sure to stay tuned for these photos!

Then we move onto the Colonial Americans.  We learn about their voyage to
America and their food, clothing, shelter, work, games, and school.

Finally we end with our Thanksgiving Unit.  We do some fun crafts and read some silly turkey stories!

Camp "Spook"tacular!

Every year our first grade does a camping day in October.  In the past I always did a whole week of camping stories and then ended with our fun day of camping.  I love doing it but I felt like there were so many other things I wanted to do in October I couldn't spend a whole week on camping.  I really wanted to do my camping unit at the end of the year.  So this year I decided to only do a camping day on Friday and make it around Halloween.  I put together this free packet.  You could you it for any day not just a camping day.  My incredible teammate takes all the first graders at the end of the day and sings songs.  They just love it.  During the day we sat around the campfire and did these "spook"tacular activities.  Of course we ended the day with s'mores!  Super fun day!!!
Enjoy this freebie!
Camp "Spook"tacular! - First Grade Roars!
This packet is free at my TPT store!  Just click and download!

Here are some photos of our fun day!
The ghost alone created a fun and exciting mood for my students as they walked in that morning!

Books and cubbies set up and ready to go!

Working by the campfire!

My incredible janitor allowed us to use these fire  pits.  They ran much like a fan.  I just added a little tissue paper around it to make it look spooky!

This spooktacular craft is part of my Halloween Packet!


Piggie Pie & Zoom Broom!

Piggie Pie & Zoom Broom! - First Grade Roars!

Gritch the Witch!

Margie Palitini's Preview Pack!

Pumpkin Investigating!

We made a whole day of pumpkin investigating!  We had so much fun!  I have to say I was exhausted that night but well worth it.  My students learned to use a tape measure, we talked about length, width, and circumference.  We also got our fingers filled with pumpkin goo!  They loved it! 
Pumpkin Investigating! - First Grade Roars!
Pumpkin painting

Pumpkin weighing

Measuring length!

Counting ridges and measuring circumference.

Pumpkin scooping!

Sorting out the seeds!

Our pumpkin patch!  This turned out really cute!

Up close!

Pumpkin Exploring Preview!

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